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Michael DeCamp is an Actor, Voice-Actor, Stuntman, Mocap Artist, Musician, and Ring Announcer. From his humble beginnings as a Stuntman in Knott’s Berry Farm’s Wild West Stunt Show to performing in such projects as NCIS: Hawaii and Halo Infinite, Michael has led an exciting and varied career. With an acting degree from UCIrvine, a Kalmenson & Kalmenson VO grad, Mocap with Mind’s Eye Tribe, and stunt training with some of the best in the biz, Michael is as seasoned as they come and is a perfect team member for any project. In his off time you’ll catch him training martial arts, acrobatics, stunts, taking an acting or VO workshop, or unwinding by cooking or baking something delicious. Be sure to catch him live as the Ring Announcer for “Royal Combat Promotions” as he hosts exciting MMA and Muay Thai competitions in Carson, CA.

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New Audiobook!!!

Abandon Hope is an audiobook I recorded with an interesting story about how it came to be. It was written by another Michael DeCamp who reached out to me through social media. Not only are we artists who share the same name, we both have roots in Indiana. Abandon Hope is a mystery thriller with a fantasy element and a touch of horror. Available on Apple Books, Audible, and Spotify. Check out a sample on the listing and enjoy!

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